Our Next event will be on Monday, January 24th, beginning at 6:30 pm. The charities that will be presenting will be chosen in December.

The event will be held at Abuelo’s banquet room, located at 3501 W 45th Avenue. We would like your help in filling it with folks holding checks ready to be made out for $100 a piece. That’s it.

  • Show up with a $100 check
  • We will listen to three charities tell the group their story
  • The group will vote
  • The checks get made out to the winner

100 of us means they get $10,000 that night.
300 of us means they get $30,000!

You can eat and drink if you like and everyone will have their own tab. Easy peasy.

Tell your friends and let’s make the Amarillo area even better.

The charities that presented at our October 25th event were:

Camp Alphie
Family Care Foundation
Fill With Hope

Camp Alphie won the evening! But, none of them went home empty handed.

If you weren’t able to attend the event and would like to donate your $100(or more) to any of these deserving charities, please visit their websites by clicking on their link above for more information. They won’t turn down your offer to volunteer, either!

Check back here in December to see who will be presenting next!

A big Shout Out to Abuelo’s for hosting the event!

We’ll see you there for our next event on January 24th!

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