Our Next event will be on Monday, October 17th, beginning at 6:30 pm. The charities that will be presenting are:

Brothers-Sisters of our Military Adventures
Eveline Rivers Project
Medical Center League House

The event will be held at Cask & Cork, located at 5461 McKenna Square, Suite 101, Amarillo, TX 79119. We would like your help in filling it with folks holding checks ready to be made out for $100 a piece. That’s it.

  • Show up with a $100 check
  • We will listen to three charities tell the group their story
  • The group will vote
  • The checks get made out to the winner

100 of us means they get $10,000 that night.
300 of us means they get $30,000!

You can eat and drink if you like and everyone will have their own tab. Easy peasy.

Tell your friends and let’s make the Amarillo area even better.

A big Shout Out to Cask & Cork for hosting the event!

We’ll see you there for our next event on October 17th!

charity in amarillo